Where To Go For Office Refurbishment in The Southwest?


Are you interested in changing the layout of your workspace, moving into a new building, and being based in the Southwest? If the answer to these questions is yes, you’ll want to find the best people for the job. Factors that govern who you choose might be –

  • Cost – which can vary enormously.
  • Company Experience
  • Design Options
  • Installation
  • Aftercare

A great option which many businesses now use is some sort of partitioning system; they come in multiple different types which can specialise in high levels of aesthetic, acoustic or fire-resistant qualities. The next step would be to search for office partitioning in Bristol (for example) using either your preferred search engine or a business directory such as Yell. Having found a company you like the look of, it might be wise to assess what partitioning might suit your needs best.

Options For Your Workspace

As previously mentioned, partitioning systems come in various guises manufactured using lightweight metals, glass, plasterboard and plastics such as UPVC. The main types of systems are-

  • Glazed Office partitions
  • Demountable partitions
  • Drywall partitions
  • Fire-rated partitions

The Re-useable Possibility

A popular choice if wanting a flexible, cost-effective solution is the demountable partition; these aren’t permanently fixed and utilise an aluminium framework that allows them to be relocated wherever the need arises. It’s perfect if you want to redesign your workspace but don’t want to commit to a permanent layout; it also works in situations where staff numbers fluctuate or if in a short tenancy agreement. Easily installed or disassembled, it can be a low-cost option when changing premises or an existing floorplan. Another benefit is that the demountable partition is classed as ‘Plant and Machinery’ and is eligible for tax assistance under capital gains tax; find out about that here.

A Clear Winner

When looking for a more permanent solution, many businesses are selecting a glazed partitioning design for their workspace; using this type of partition can create a modern, airy feel to any office utilising plenty of natural light, which brings benefits to staff productivity and well-being. Available in single- or double-glazing, glass partitions use laminated safety glass in an aluminium framework to optimise acoustic protection up to 44 decibels if required. It is also possible to have any number of different designs affixed to your glazed partition; this could be your company logo or other brand-focused illustration.

Drywall Partitions

If you require an easy to install partition system which has high acoustic performance, then the drywall might be the solution for you. Using 12.5mm plasterboard and a head/floor track, it can also be filled with cavity insulation to increase sound protection if needed. It is also a great option if you need to divide existing open plan areas into more private workspaces, the lightweight materials make installation a quick and straightforward process.

Any of the above partition systems may be the best choice for your business; whatever the location and functionality of your workspace, there is a solution available to you!