Commercial HVAC: Maintenance Solutions


Commercial heating, ventilation and air-conditioning is a vital aspect of many industries and as you would expect, HVAC systems require regular maintenance. Climate control is not something you can do without, especially here in Scotland and every few months, the HVAC engineer should schedule a visit.

Cleaning Filtration

The experienced commercial electrical services in Stirling would remove and clean all of the filters, which is necessary for optimum performance. In some systems, the filters are replaced, while others only need to be cleaned.

Manufacturer Warranty

When you invest in a commercial HVAC system, the supplier issues you with a warranty and that would include servicing, for a limited period. The service engineers contact you when a service is due and this would be completed outside of normal hours if need be.

Pre-Winter Maintenance

Your HVAC system has to work very hard in the harsh winter and the best time to have it serviced is September or October; the next service after this would likely be in February or March. Then it will be ready for the summer, when colling down is the order of the day.

Thermostat Calibration

The thermostats are essential to the correct running of the system and all units would be checked for accuracy, with any defective units either repaired or replaced. A faulty thermostat could cause your energy consumption to spike, as the system works harder than it needs to.

If you are in need of commercial HVAC maintenance, Google will help you find an approved provider.

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