3 Ways to Use Custom Cardboard Boxes to Market Your Brand


Custom Cardboard Boxes are the ideal promotional tool for any size of business. With limitless options to tailor your custom cardboard box to your target audience and promote your company, you will never go back to a standard cardboard or corrugated box again. They have boxes available in standard sizes, small, medium and large. If you have your own unique needs or would like to see something different, they have custom options as well.

The advantage of using custom cardboard boxes is that you can use your imagination and make them uniquely yours. It doesn’t matter what your company does or what kind of product you are selling, cardboard offers a versatile solution for packaging products, regardless of shape, size or texture. Cardboard box styles range from standard box style boxes to hexagonal boxes, oblong boxes, square boxes and custom shapes such as ovals, rectangles and circles. The choice of cardboard material, color and shape depends on the message you wish to convey to consumers and how much detail you are willing to invest in your promotional campaign.

As with all print products, there are several printing options available to you. You can use standard printing methods like CMYK printing and full color printing. Or, you can experiment with your own creative vision with full color printing and CMYK printing. For example, a cardboard box with an interesting pattern can be easily created using dye sublimation printing, resulting in a one-of-a-kind custom printed cardboard boxes that reflects your creative flair. Dye sublimation printing offers higher quality images than typical digital printing, while using a smaller amount of ink, creating an overall cheaper solution for high volume production.

In addition to custom printed cardboard boxes, another popular option is imprinted box packaging. You can add nearly anything to a box to make it personalized, thus increasing the likelihood of your product being purchased by consumers. Popular options include embroidered product labels, embossed logos and unique artwork. Some companies even specialize in silk screening artwork, adding colorful accents to custom cardboard boxes. This can be an excellent way to increase sales as these boxes are likely to be carried around and opened repeatedly, ensuring their exposure at various points during their lifetime.

When it comes to using custom cardboard boxes to carry your products, the sky is the limit. From food products to medical supplies, there are a number of different purposes for these boxes. By exploring the many different purposes available for cardboard boxes, you can gain a competitive advantage over your competitors by investing in a unique, high-quality product that can serve you for many years to come.

When you start investing in custom cardboard boxes, you’ll find a number of printing options, including high-quality paper, full color printers, and laminating machines. Although many of the options discussed above can be fairly expensive, there are also companies that offer services for printing on a smaller scale, which can be an economical choice if your budget is constricted. If you’re interested in getting your logo printed or started on a customized sticker, try searching online for a company that offers these options. Many printing companies offer a comprehensive range of products and services suitable for all sizes of businesses, regardless of budget or need.