How To Reuse Old Plastic Tubes In Creative Ways?


We all need to do our bit for our planet and try and reduce the amount of waste we put into landfills, as we only have one world. Rather than throwing everything away and sending it to landfills, we will want to try and reuse, repurpose, and recycle as much as we can, whether it is cosmetic tube packaging or anything else. Below are some ways you can reuse plastic tubes, reduce the waste you create, and put them to excellent use instead of throwing them away.

Make A Neat Desk Tidy

When you have lots of old plastic tubing that you are not using, you can use this to create a desk today, and it is an activity you can get the children involved with to help you. You will want to take the length of the pipe and cut it into different sizes, with the longest being around 10cm. You will also need a base which can be wood or plastic, and some glue to keep everything together. Arrange the different lengths of tubes on the base and ensure they touch each other. Once you have them in a design you like, take your glue, and glue the bottoms and the sides of the plastic piping. Once the glue is dry, you will have a desk today perfect for your children’s rooms, and they can decorate them how they wish.

Plant Pots For Seeding

Depending on the diameter of the plastic pipe you have you can make some miniature plant pots that are perfect for seeding. You will want to have a suitable tray that you can use to put the plant pots on and cut the plastic pipe into equal lengths about 6-8 cm long. You do not want to glue these to the base as you need to be able to remove them, but you need to have a way of keeping them secure. Strips of Styrofoam can be used that are slightly narrower than the plastic tubes, so they keep them in place. Then fill them with potting soil, put your seeds in, and give them a good watering.

A Jewellery Tidy

Along the same lines as the options above, you can create a similar item to keep your jewellery tidy. Have an area of your drawer you can use for your jewellery and have some foam put on the bottom of the drawer. They cut equal lengths of the plastic tube around 4cm long and put these in the drawer. You can then use each piece of pipe for a different piece of jewellery and help to keep them safe and secure when you are not wearing them. You can also get plenty of similar ideas on the Pinterest website to inspire you to repurpose your old plastic piping.