You Deserve to Get the Very Best Ceiling Tiles


While many people don’t realise it, ceiling tiles do much more than just make the ceiling and the room look complete. Many ceiling tiles are there to absorb some of the sound in the room so that it’s quieter, making them the perfect tiles to use in many commercial locations, including retail shops, hospitals, and even corporate office buildings. One of the best ceiling tiles on the market is the Ecophon brand, and while they come in several types, all of them are high-quality tiles that work wonders in any room.

What Makes Ecophon Tiles So Great?

Many architects, builders, and contractors consider Ecophon ceiling tiles their favourite, and the company makes both sound-absorbing ceiling tiles and sound-absorbing wall tiles. The Ecophon tiles include five main models:

  • Ecophon Advantage, which is the entry-level tile but still does an amazing job because of its glass wool composition
  • Ecophon Focus, one of the more popular models and one that offers great sound absorption as well as fire- and humidity-resistance
  • Ecophon Gedina, which has the highest sound-absorption rating and a clean white finish
  • Ecophon Master, which is 40 mm thick and made out of glass wool for excellent insulation
  • Ecophon Sombra, which offers the advantages of the other models but is a slick black colour, making it perfect for nightclubs, bars, etc.

To be sure, if you want a quieter and more sophisticated room that also provides a modern and up-to-date look, the Ecophon tiles are the ones to choose.

Second-to-None Performance Every Time

All Ecophon tiles are made out of glass wool and offer not only great sound absorption but also resistance to fire and humidity. The reason the Focus model is so popular is because it has more of a selection when it comes to sizes and edge profiles. Ceiling tiles have to be exact if you want them to look right and to do the job you wanted them to do, and the Ecophon tiles have so many great features that you’ll never regret purchasing them.

These are indeed high-tech ceiling tiles that won’t let you down, and their prices start at around £160 for 26 reveal edge tiles. Especially in a commercial setting, you want your ceiling tiles to look good but also absorb sound and be able to withstand things such as humidity and even a fire, and this is what the Ecophon tiles do best. They offer great performance and reliability, so you’ll be able to enjoy them for many years to come.