Technical and Market Developments in China’s Professional Lighting Industry


Within an excellent atmosphere underpinned through the unparalleled boom in China’s entertainment industry, the applying scope for professional lighting products continues to be greatly expanded. Based on incomplete statistics, there have been greater than 3000 medium scale theatrical performances locked in nationwide metropolitan areas in the year 2006. As 2008 Beijing Olympic games, 2010 Shanghai World Exhibition and Guangzhou Asian Games approaching, the amount is anticipated to surge further. Taken advantage of the growing social and economy, the cultural and entertainment spending by residents in most amounts of metropolitan areas, especially large and medium metropolitan areas, is constantly on the increase. Thus within the next five years, demand within the professional lighting industry in China should remain robust, creating another chance for any great step forward of the profession. At the moment, the professional lighting industry, brought by Guangdong region, exhibits weaknesses for example confusing structures, mixed characteristics and weak competitiveness, but everything is likely to change within the next couple of years because of the growth possibilities ahead.

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Market development status and trends

HC Industry Research data demonstrated that, presently Guangdong Province region has got the nation’s largest professional lighting industry cluster, representing 80% of total annual production and purchasers in China. This region has created a comparatively complete industry chain, composed of raw material suppliers, OEM factories, distributors and project contractors. There’s also a number of producers scattered round the costal regions of Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces. Searching forward, the cluster in Guangdong can result in more internal restructuring, resulting in reduced quantity of producers and therefore greater industry concentration.

Analysis of favourable and unfavourable factors

Like the professional audio equipment industry, the professional lighting industry within the next couple of years should experience strong market demand. The favourable and unfavourable factors impacting the introduction of professional audio equipment industry may also affect the sunlight industry, plus they share similar development objectives. First is achieving technological and brand breakthroughs. Second is expanding the policy and recognition of the applications in domestic engineering projects. Third is winning better status and market shares when taking part in the worldwide market competition.

Technological developments and trends

Using computer systems in professional lighting control systems has considerably improved the useability of lighting products. As computer technologies continue upgrading and progressing, professional lighting control systems are progressively evolving from analogue to digital stage as well as networking stage. Within the networking stage, lighting systems in large theatres and gratifaction halls contains a large number of control circuits, simultaneously involving control stations for light modifying, computer lighting and colour switching. They are impossible to become synchronized under manual controls. However with networking, many control stations along with other lights could be connected through the same network hardware, with appropriate network software, the entire control system could be precisely functioning based on standards. There has been overseas experiments introducing internet management technologies to lighting control systems, and also the connected internet protocols and standards ought to be completed soon. An evolution in lighting control technologies and ideas has already been arrived.

Recently, Brought (light-emitting diode) display technologies have been frequently featured in large-scale theatrical performances. Most of them are presently by means of lighting and screen displays. As Brought manufacturing techniques are improving and new materials are now being developed, there has been breakthroughs in ultra-vibrant Brought with assorted colours. Consequently, the use of Brought lighting instruments in professional lighting industry will further expand, in the present decorative devices and effect lighting to comprehensive lights. The commercialization of recent lighting sources using high end Brought, on the types of materials and technological levels, is a huge driving pressure for that professional lighting industry.