Some of The Different Types Of Inks That Are Available


There are many different inks available, and each one has different properties and is suited for writing or printing on various surfaces. Assorted ingredients go into making inks, and you must ensure that you use the correct ink for the surface you are printing on, or the finished article will not look very good. Below are some of the various types of inks you can get that are suitable for different kinds of printing and writing tasks.

Writing Inks

Humans have been using various ink forms for thousands of years, but the modern writing pen we use today is a relatively modern invention. The ink we use in pens is oil-based and contains colour-changing additives to make the desired colour of ink for the writing instrument. You can get inks for pens in a variety of different colours, and you can use them on multiple surfaces.

Printer Inks

Depending on your printer, there are also various types of ink you can get for printers. When using a CIJ (Continuous Inkjet Printer), you can use a quality brand such as Leibinger ink from Needham Ink Tech for your printer, or you can also use a TIJ (Thermal Inkjet) printer, and there are lots of different types of inks for this, including:

  • UV Ink
  • Fluorescent Ink
  • Solvent Ink
  • Aqueous Ink

There are various types of ink you can use in a printer, and you must ensure that you get the correct type of ink for your printing device, or it will not work correctly, if at all.

Fluorescent Ink

You can also get fluorescent ink commonly found in marker and highlighter pens, which you can see in many offices and schools throughout the country. The chemical Fluorescein is added to the think to give it its neon colour when using it to write on paper. The additives can vary in the ink depending on the colour you want, and one that is used to make the intensely bright yellow colour is pyranine.

Edible Ink

A modern form of ink that has been developed is edible ink, which is commonly used in cakes and cookies, and you can use it to write a message. Whether you want to say happy birthday to someone or write them a special message, you can use edible ink to convey your thoughts and wishes that are 100% safe to eat. Available in an assortment of colours, many bakers will often have this ink in their bakery, which they will use on some of the baked products.

Erasable Ink

You can also get an erasable pen which first came into production in 1979, but it took a further ten years to perfect this form of ink. Previously you would use a white-out liquid when you made a mistake, which affected the look of the paper and ink. However, with this clever invention, the ink consists of rubber cement, which you can remove when you make a mistake using friction and heat with a normal rubber.

These are a few of the available inks, but there are more, such as phosphorescent ink and adhesive ink, and you can find out more by clicking here.