Finding The Perfect Speaker For Your Corporate Event


When you are putting on a corporate event, it is common for many occasions like this to invite speakers to attend the event. Having well-known and respected speakers at your event can draw more interest in it, and if you are selling tickets for it, it can help you sell tickets and make it a resounding success. There are various factors you will need to consider when looking for a suitable speaker for your event, and you can see some of these below to help you choose the best one for your event.

The Different Types Of Speakers

There are three types of speakers you can choose to have at your event that can address and engage your audience and make a successful event. The different types of speakers are after-dinner, keynote, and motivational speakers, and they often have very different kinds of speeches. A keynote speaker will usually educate their audience and inform them about topics related to the event type. A motivational speaker will do as it sounds and can motivate and positively energise the audience. While after-dinner speakers can be inspiring, they may be a celebrity or sports star and may not be linked to the event but are brought in to attract people to buy tickets.

Finding The Perfect Speak For Your Event

Once you have decided what type of speaker you want for your event, you will need to find an available suitable one that you can book. An excellent place to search for relevant speakers is online, and many websites offer different types of speakers for corporate events that you can potentially use. Many agencies place public speakers at events that you can consider using, and you can compile a list of these and contact them to find out more information.

Speaking With The Agencies

Once you have a few agencies on your list, you should start contacting them and explaining the requirements for your event. Giving them as many details about your event as possible can help ensure they suggest suitable speakers you can consider. You will want to speak with all the agencies and see what speakers they have that are suitable for your event and are free on that date, and then you can do some research on them.

You may already know some of the speakers in your list, or you may need to research who they are, and you can do this easily online. You can look at their profiles on social media platforms like LinkedIn, which can help give you a feel for who they are. You can also see if you can find any of their speaking events on platforms such as YouTube, so you will know what to expect if you decide to use them for your event.

Using the information you find online, you can select your preferred speaker for your event and book them through the agency or directly with the speaker, ensuring you have a suitable character that the audience will love.