Different Styles Of Glass Partitioning You Can Have In Your Office


When you are moving into a new office or refurbishing an existing one and looking at partitioning, there are various types of partitions you can have in an office. There are affordable options available that are also highly practical, and there are also stylish options that look modern and sleek. Below are a few different options for glazed partitions you can consider for your office space that can help create the effect you want and provide a comfortable working environment for your employees.

Glazed Partitions

Glazed partitions are an excellent choice for an office as they can offer privacy but still allow you to feel part of what is outside the glass. They can provide excellent acoustic insulation, and you can also get excellent thermal insulation, as there are different types of glazed partitions available. One of the best benefits with using glazed partitioning in your office space is that it maximises the natural light you get in your office making it a nicer working environment.

Single Glazed Partitioning: Single glazed partitioning means it has a single pane of glass in the partition acting as a barrier, and they look fantastic and are cost-effective. You can get these in sizes to suit your office, and bespoke options are also available.

Double Glazed Partitioning: Double glazed partitioning has two panes of glass with air or argon gas and helps increase the acoustic and thermal insulation of the partitions. They are the perfect solution for noisier offices such as call centres and sales floors.

Triple Glazed Partitioning: Triple glazed partitioning has three panes of glass with air or argon gas sandwiched between the glass panels, and they are the best thermal and acoustic insulators. They are an excellent choice for board rooms and meeting rooms to keep the noise of a busy office out.

Curved Glass Partitioning: If you are looking to make an excellent first impression with your business, a board room or meeting room with curved glass partitions is a great way to do it. However, curved glass can be expensive, so this may be out of the budget range of some companies. One way you can combat that is to choose faceted glass partitions that can create the illusion of curves for a lower price. They look fantastic when you see curved glass partitions, and it may be something for your company to aspire to for the future if they are out of your budget range.

Switchable Glass Partitioning: If you love the idea of glass partitioning to open up the office but often need privacy to deal with private company matters, you should consider switchable glass partitioning. When you have this partitioning in your office, you have the best of both worlds, as you can have the transparent glass you can see through, and at the touch of a button, turn the glass opaque. You can have the privacy you need to deal with delicate and private matters, and then flick the switch and see what is going on in the office.

Glass is an excellent material to use for a partition in your office, and there is a lot you can do with it. The Pinterest website has many pictures of different glass partitions to help you see how it may look in your office.